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The purchase of a ceramic hob is a good compromise between conventional electric, gas and induction hobs. Its strengths fully satisfy the demanding cooks, provided you choose the right model. How to make the right choice? Answers to follow in this article.

Buy ceramic hob: how to make the right choice?

Buy ceramic hob: how to make the right choice?

Buy ceramic hob: what type of home to choose?

When buying a ceramic hob, the choice the type of fireplace is required. It can be equipped with halogen or radiant fireplaces, or even combine these two technology:

  • Radiant fireplace produces 20% of heat by radiation and 80% by conduction. The radiant is ideal for simmering dishes, for cooking large volumes and for grilling.
  • Halogen fireplace has a functioning identical to that of bulbs of the same name (the halogen bulbs), used for lighting. Halogen makes it easy to grab food and lends itself more to pan-fries and braised cooking.

Buy a secure ceramic hob

All vitroceramic plates do not necessarily have the same safety systems. An aspect that is fundamental and should be the focus of attention during the acquisition of a cooking device of this type.

The ceramic hob must therefore be completely secured, equipped with the following systems:

  • a residual heat indicator installed on each fireplace
  • child safety, also known as "locking orders"
  • an emergency stop button
  • a current cut timer
  • an automatic stop mechanism (auto-stop)
  • a safety cut anti-overflow current
  • an anti-overheating system

Choose a ceramic hob according to its price

The cost of a ceramic hob varies depending on many factors such as:

  • the operation of its homes and their number
  • options and features
  • the range of the chosen product (first price or high end)
  • the brand of the privileged model

It can be seen that the average price awarded to a glass-ceramic table is around 200 € for a hob equipped with two fireplaces, and 250 € à 500 € for a table equipped with four fireplaces.

The domino cooking ceramic hob is accessible from a hundred euros.

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