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The purchase of a plan apartment is an increasingly common practice that is also called "Sale in the future state of completion". What elements enable the future buyer to choose his property in the future? What modalities accompany a Véfa? Our explanations.

The purchase of an apartment on plan

The purchase of an apartment on plan

Sale in the future state of completion: the purchase on plan

The purchase of a new apartment is usually done off plan, sometimes even before start of construction work.

To do this, the real estate developer in charge of the project puts the apartments on sale from their plans.

The potential buyer chooses his future well according to his description (surface, rooms, materials, dependencies, collective spaces...), and his plans:

  • perspectives which allow him to represent the architecture of the building;
  • the ground plane, a view from the sky defining the perimeter of the land;
  • the situation plan which resituates the dwelling in its geographical environment;
  • interior shots which presents to him the dimensions and the interior volumes of the apartment, as well as the arrangement of its rooms...

This is therefore a "Sale in the future state of completion" or Véfa (Code of construction - Article L 261-1). The buyer becomes the owner of his apartment as and when construction.

The terms of purchase of an apartment on plan

The reservation contract
This preliminary contract is between the potential buyer and the seller and must imperatively contain all the characteristics of the property.

The deposit
The booking contract is accompanied by a deposit, the amount of which varies according to the delivery time of the apartment (from 2% to 5%).

The withdrawal period
The potential buyer has a period of 7 days to retract. This period runs from receipt of the contract sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

The authentic deed of sale
The sale actually begins at the time of the signature (notary) of the deed of sale. This one is signed according to the date defined in the preliminary contract.

Payment and delivery
The payment of accommodation in Vfa is staggered according to the progress of the works:

  • 35% upon completion of the foundations,
  • 70% out of water,
  • 95% upon completion of the building,
  • 100% at the handing over of the keys.

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