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The purchase of a boiler, whether replacing a boiler already installed or a first purchase, requires careful thought. How to prepare the purchase of the boiler? How to choose your boiler and installer?

Buying a boiler

Buying a boiler

Prepare the purchase of the boiler

Before installing or changing your boiler, take stock of the situation in your home. Determine your energy needs, and where you want to save money. It is also an opportunity to check that your home is well insulated, and to do the necessary insulation work.

Learn about the different types of existing boilers, in order to get a preliminary idea of ​​the offer and what you would like.

How to choose your boiler?

Before buying your boiler, some criteria will help you choose your appliance:

  • The surface of your home,
  • The region where you live,
  • The number of people making up the home,
  • The use you want to make of your boiler,
  • Your budget.

Different types of boilers exist: wood boiler, gas boiler, oil boiler, electric boiler... Each corresponds more to a certain type of use. Before making your choice, the best is to call a professional who will assess your needs and advise you.

How to choose your boiler installer?

Before buying your boiler, call several professionals, and ask them to make quotes. These quotes will allow you to compare their services and their rates. Check that the quotes are complete and contain all the details of the service. Also know that experts can analyze different quotes to guide you in your choice.

Your loved ones can also help you choose a boiler installer: through their experience, they can help you find a good professional.

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