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There are many models of heat pumps on the market. More or less expensive or more or less powerful, they all have the advantage of making you make great savings on your heating bill. However, before embarking on the purchase of a heat pump, it is important to ask yourself a few questions and study what are the constraints imposed by your home.

Technical constraints

Ask yourself first, whether you want to completely redo your heating system or whether you want to connect your heat pump to your existing heating system.
Indeed, an air / water heat pump or Water / water request to be equipped with water radiators or a heated floor for example. Air / air heat pumps are the least restrictive because they require little work for installation. Also consider the configuration of your home because for some heat pumps, you will need space to install indoor and outdoor units.

Natural constraints

Also study the climate of the area where you live. In a cold region, It would be better to avoid aerothermal heat pumps that do not perform well at low temperatures and that require another heating system to take over.
Also be aware of the resources you have. If you are ready for a river, it can be interesting to draw the calories from the water table by installing a water / water heat pump. If you have a large garden, you can opt for a geothermal heat pump.

Financial constraints

After studying the technical and natural constraints, you will have to evaluate what is the budget you have.
Air / air or air / water heat pumps are the cheapest in the market. Their price varies between 6000 and 10000 euros depending on the model chosen.
The water / water heat pumps are a little more expensive. Count between 8000 and 14000 euros for the purchase of the equipment.
Then there is the work to install the thermal sensors. The price of a ground / water heat pump is between 20000 and 24000 euros. Know that for the purchase of a heat pump (except air / air pumps), you can benefit from financial aid from the state and other miscellaneous organizations to lower the amount of the bill.

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