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Buying your portal is a tricky process that generates a significant expense, once the sale made you can not go back. Before closing the transaction, orient your selection criteria and take the time to select a supplier.

Purchase of a portal, technical and human criteria

Purchase of a portal, technical and human criteria

Buying a portal, but which portal?

What criteria to take into account and how to make the right choice in the amount of models that we offer? Buying a portal can not be improvised.
A portal is chosen:

  • depending on the type of opening, sliding or flying. If a slider requires a substantial width, it saves the depth that is necessary to open the gate with a leaf,
  • according to the objective worn by your portal, rather security or rather embellishment. A solid and solid portal will be dissuasive, a portal openwork and aesthetic will be an invitation to look.
  • depending on the material. A wooden gate, charming but greedy maintenance, PVC, cheap but unattractive, steel, heavy and corrosive, wrought iron, robust that oxidizes, or aluminum, lightweight and robust but expensive.
  • according to your budget. This may seem obvious but do not forget to check if your project respects your budget, in particular taking into account the necessary arrangements for the installation of the portal or the cost related to its maintenance.

Buy your portal, where and how?

Once you have defined the elements mentioned above, you can then go to the phase of the purchase. Of course you will need to define where you will make this acquisition:

  • Buy in supermarkets. It will allow you to have lower prices and offer some guarantee.
  • Go through a craftsman. Note that not all craftsmen are equal, some perform high quality work and others display less suitable results. Before signing, find out about the portal installations made by the craftsman in question around your locality and here again pay attention to the details,
  • The price difference between a supermarket and a craftsman can range from a few hundred euros to a few thousand. This difference must be relativised. The craftsman may offer additional services for this rate, such as the installation offered or revisions made for free. Play the competition and think about asking for quotes.

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