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I am currently building a house. I will be obliged to call a conciliator so that the mason carries the plaster monolayer scraped finish (he gives wrong date and he did not withdraw his recommended). Do you think the placo can be installed? If yes, in the absence of plaster or water-repellent plaster, how long will it take to get through the agglos? In short, how long could this situation be considered? Can I have another company install a cement plaster with water repellent before plastering? Or is it possible to do this coating inside before laying the Placo?

There is little chance that moisture passes through your concrete block walls before you have solved your problem... but, if such disorders occur, you will lose all warranty claims against your plaquiste... So, I advise you to wait and have the plates installed only when the complete watertightness of the house is ensured.

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