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Automatic walking is one of the 3 positions present on a contactor. It provides power to your water heater only during off-peak hours, when electricity rates are the most interesting. By leaving your water heater in this position, you will save a great deal on your electricity bill.

What is automatic walking?

Automatic walking is one of positions present on the contactor placed between your water heater and your electrical panel. The contactor allows you to manage the start-up of your water heater and only works with an electricity subscription to dual pricing off-peak hours / full hours. The automatic position means that your water heater will automatically switch on at the start of off-peak hours and turn off when you return to peak hours. Automatic running is the "normal" operating state of your water heater. When you have more important occasional needs, you will have to turn on your water heater.

Why put a water heater on automatically?

When turned on automatically, your water heater will turn on during off-peak hours, when electricity rates are the most interesting. Even if the double pricing subscription is more expensive than a conventional subscription, this allows you to save money on your electricity bill because the water heater is the most energy-consuming appliance in a home.. Turning your water heater on automatically is also a good way to extend its life. Indeed, operating only a few hours a day, it is less solicited and will be less easily down.

How to turn on a water heater?

A contactor is a small box with a 3-position button. It is thanks to him that you will manage your water heater and turn it on or off.

  • 0 or stop position allows you to stop the water heater during a prolonged absence.
  • The AUTO position is the position you will use for the day-to-day operation of your water heater.
  • Position I or forced march Allows you to start up your water heater at any time of the day to cover more specific water needs.

Video Instruction: Automatic Shut off for Water Heater