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I own a house of character and wish to change the windows. Today the dimensions of the windows are these L 2000 H 2200 spread over three doors, a fixed of 685 and two opening of 659 and 656 for a total of 2000. TRYBA offers me to make pvc windows in two windings instead of three so that it comes back cheaper but I doubt the reliability of an opening so wide I'm afraid of the weight and therefore of a subsidence. TRYBA assures me that it is one of the only ones to be able to manufacture PVC ventaux as wide thanks to a system deposited by their company with 15 years warranty. Do you know this manufacturing steel frame molded in PVC? For info in our project there is no complete removal of the window they are fixed on the existing. NB: I really like your show which is very useful to me.

You are right to be dubitative and... cautious. A reality first: all PVC windows incorporate a steel frame... I do not know that the brand you quote has a patent specifically superior to that of other brands in the field. Let's also evade the question of the guarantee. All the windows enter the cade of the decennial. But all problems arise in the years following the installation rarely later... And what will become of a brand in 15 years...?

For a window of great width, there is only one material displaying a true superiority of rigidity, it is aluminum. One may wonder why it was not proposed to you, since the brand you mentioned now also poses aluminum windows (the margin may be less...).

Another problem arises concerning you: that of the weight of the leaves of great width, especially by preserving the dormant of origin (frames) which must be in wood. your sagging anxiety is well founded. You may know that I am never in favor of combining two materials...

Finally, you asked yourself about the change in appearance of your facade (especially if your house has character) from 3 to 2 leaves. Did you at least make a prior statement of work?

In fine, for you, and even if it is a little more expensive, I would keep my 2 leaves + fixed chassis...

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