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The qualification of building professionals

For those who decide to renovate their homes and / or install equipment using renewable energies, research and the selection of professionals offering the required skills and the necessary guarantees is the first priority. The multiplication of certification qualifications in the building sector can make the task complex. That's why HandymakerDuanche offers you to see more clearly by detailing the main, those recognized Grenelle Environment.

QUALIBAT qualification

Created in 1949 at the joint initiative of the Ministry of Construction and professional organizations of entrepreneurs, architects and building owners, QUALIBAT is a non-profit law 1901 association. Its mission is to provide information on the activities, professional skills and technical, human and financial capacities of companies operating in the field of construction.

Qualibat certification

Awarded for 4 years, the QUALIBAT qualification attests to compliance with demanding standards whose strict application (controlled by audits) is provided by College Commissions. Checks take place every year, and certification renewal on its due date only occurs after a thorough and meticulous review. 33,000 companies now hold a QUALIBAT certificate. They generate 80% of the building turnover in France and each represent one of the 51 building trades or activities recognized by the QUALIBAT nomenclature. The latter covers nearly 233 specialties and offers nearly 454 qualification possibilities.

QUALIBAT is now an essential tool for research and referencing, for owners, contractors and insurance companies.

QUALIFELEC qualification

Qualifelec certification

Association law 1901, founded in 1955, placed under the tutelage of the State, QUALIFELEC is the only French organization of qualification of the companies of electrical and energetic engineering. The goal is to create a formal, repository-based accreditation system designed to reduce the risks to installers and users. The qualification is awarded by a commission for 4 years. A simplified administrative renewal is done every year. To obtain it, the candidate company must demonstrate its commitment to offer quality services by detailing its technical resources, its workforce and the qualification of its staff (supporting documents and / or diplomas). It attests to its administrative, fiscal and social regularity and finally produces recent references of worksites or works carried out.

QUALIFELEC offers 28 qualifications, covering the 8 areas of activity related to electrical and energy engineering (electrical installations, heating-ventilation-air conditioning, antenna, low lighting, weak currents, maintenance of electrical installations, communicating buildings, connections & networks). 6300 companies (more than 20% of professionals in the sector) hold 6,800 qualifications and 115,200 technicians are now employed by QUALIFELEC certified companies, ie more than 49% of the global workforce.

Energy Performance Pros

Energy Performance Pros

The Energy Performance Pros® form a group of specialized and recognized professionals in the field of energy renovation of buildings and sustainable construction.

Signatories of the charter "Build with the environment", they put at the service of their customers their know-how and their skills to make the works more efficient from an energy, environmental and sanitary point of view.

Managed by QUALIBAT, this brand of the French Building Federation offers entrepreneurs, craftsmen, project managers, construction managers and site personnel a complete training course: Energy Savings Training Courses for Companies and Craftsmen of the Building (FEE Bat). At the end of these FEE Bat training courses, the professional is then able to offer its customers a thorough assessment as well as sustainable energy improvement solutions for their homes or tertiary buildings.

ECO Craftsmen

Eco-craftsman qualification

ECO Artisan® is a trademark of the Confederation of Crafts and Small Business Building (CAPEB). Issued and controlled by QUALIBAT (validation of skills and audits to obtain and renew the brand), it brings together painters, tilers, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers... working alone or in part of a small business. As members of the brand, all are committed to offering their customers: an assessment of the energy and thermal performance of their home, a global energy renovation council, a realization and a personalized service of quality.

Qualit'EnR qualifications: Qualisol, QualiPV, Qualibois, QualiPAC.

Founded by five national professional bodies (CAPEB, Enerplan, UEFC-FFB, UNCP-FFB and SER), Qualit'EnR is since the beginning of 2006, the French association for the quality of installation of renewable energy systems.

It ensures the referencing and the qualitative promotion of the services of professionals holding qualifications:
Qualisol for the installation of solar home equipment
QualiPV for photovoltaic installations connected to the grid.
Qualibois for the installation of wood energy heaters.
QualiPAC for the installation of geothermal and aerothermal heat pump systems.

Qualit'ENR Certification

Qualit'EnR also produces and updates "generic" training standards for solar water heaters, combined solar systems, independent appliances, wood boilers, photovoltaic generators and heat pumps. Assured in a hundred centers approved by Qualit'EnR, the overall consistency of training is ensured by the signing of a quality charter EFIQUA declined in each of the brands: EFIQUACE for Qualisol CESI, EFIQUACOMBI for Qualisol SSC, EFIQUABOIS for Qualibois, EFIQUAPV for QualiPV and EFIQUAPAC for QualiPAC Today, Qualit'EnR unites more than 8,500 professionals. They hold nearly 21,000 qualifications in the 7 fields referenced above. Each qualified company commits to a quality audit at least once every three years. The renewal of the qualification is again non-automatic.

Do you have a desire for renovation and renovation and you have the budget? It remains only to choose. Volunteer and eco-friendly building companies now have a complete and serious set of qualifications. These last ones offer you at the same time a diagnosis, a project and an ethics of realization able to reassure you in your selection. HandymanDuanche invites you to pay full attention to it.

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