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We often equate "gas" with "cheap". It is true that gas energy is cheap compared to electricity or fuel, but to make real savings with our gas boiler, we must start by making a smart quote!

Quotation for the purchase of a town gas boiler

If we are connected to the gas network of the citythere is not much to do to have gas heating at home, and the quote will be pretty succinct. In addition to the current mandatory information (company name and SIRET, date of work, etc.) it will include:

  • The type of boiler, the brand, the power, the dimensions and the price. Knowing that the prices of a gas boiler range from 1500 € to 6000 € for hybrid models.
  • The price of labor.
  • The installation. Good news, it could not be simpler: just open the gas valve to feed the boiler!

To note: if we do not have the chance to be connected to the gas network of our city, the price of work will probably be unacceptable, and it would be better to opt for a LPG boiler.

Since gas boilers are commonplace, there are no significant disparities in the prices of specialized professionals. But as always in terms of estimate, iIt is necessary to make several (3 or 4, no more) before we stop our choice.

Quotation for the purchase of a propane gas boiler

An estimate for the purchase of a boiler operating with LPG (liquefied gas that will therefore be necessary to store) will more or less resemble the quote for an oil boiler. Namely: in addition to the brand, the type (low temperature, condensing...), the power and dimensions of the boiler, there will be part of the estimate devoted to tank.

Indeed, like oil, the propane gas must be stored in a specific tank. The mark, size and capacity of the tank will therefore also appear on the quote. As well as its price, which is generally close to 700€.

In addition to the tank, the estimate will also include all the work that may be necessary to set it up: if it is buried in the garden, it will not only be necessary to dig but also to provide safety equipment to prevent leaks, for example. And if it is installed in a room with us, it will be necessary to provide a specific ventilation system.

The quote for the purchase of a gas boiler propane will probably be higher than for a conventional gas boiler, not to mention that the boiler itself is a little more expensive (between 2000 and 7000 €).

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