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There are radiators for all budgets! Did you choose your radiators? You can make several requests for quotes to compare offers.

How to go about making a quote?

Contact a brand or a specialist store. You can also ask the installers for their advice, and ask directly for a quote for the purchase and installation of the radiator (all inclusive).

About your quote request:

  • Think beforehand about your heating needs. Calculate the number of radiators you need in each room, the power needed, etc.
  • Contact several companies to provide you with a quote with the different options you need (supply, installation, etc.).
  • Compare quotes to choose the provider who offers the most interesting price, with the same level of services.

If you opt for a cheap radiator that you install yourself, you can directly buy it in store.

If you are installing your entire heating system, you can have an estimate drawn up at a time for the installation and connection of the boiler and all the radiators.

How much will the quote be based on the type of radiator?

There are many types of radiators suitable for different needs. You may need two radiators in your living room, a towel warmer in your bathroom (unless you just have a bathroom heater?), And a decorative radiator in your room. bedroom. The price of the radiator will be not at all the same depending on your choice: it can go from 30 to more than 1 000 €.

At the price of the radiator is added the price of the installation, if you go through a professional, and the options (type of thermostat, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes before buying your radiator.

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