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You have decided to change your windows to save energy, improve certain performances or renew your decoration. To reconcile quality and fair price, it is recommended to ask several quotes to professionals. For this, you can go directly to a company or take advantage of simulation modules posted on the internet to quickly get a quote for windows change.

Request a precise quote for a change of windows

Before asking for a quote to change your windows, it is important to highlight the expected priorities, the glazing and the type of materials you want. The more precise you are, the better the final quote will be and no surprises.

The most important indications to take into account in a quote for changing windows are:

  • the condition of the dormant: is it damaged and repairable or should it be replaced because it is too bad condition,
  • the dimensions of the windows: are they standard or is it custom-made,
  • the more or less complex shape of the glazing: oval, bull's eye, special shape...,
  • the desired material: aluminum, PVC, wood, wedding alu / wood or PVC / wood,
  • colors and finishes: white, color, imitation wood...,
  • the glazing: single, double or triple glazing, opaque, with sound insulation, secure...,
  • the opening of the window: French style, tilt-and-turn, sliding, fixed...

On the quote for change of windows must of course appear the price of the windows but also that of the pose. Some professional sites can also calculate the tax credit to which you are entitled and that you can deduct from the final price.

Quote windows: the precautions to take

An estimate must always be written with all the details and all the options chosen. Estimates given over the phone do not give you any guarantee. Feel free also to ask several quotes to different companies, it's more reassuring and it allows you to compare the quality of services compared to the asking price.

Be careful, do not systematically rush to the lowest price! This is not always a good sign when a professional breaks prices because the finishes and the pose may be less neat and materials of lower quality.

Also make sure that the company has a 10-year civil insurance and that it offers you the guarantee of perfect completion and smooth operation.

Quality labels

There are several types of labels. In addition to the CE label, which is mandatory, you can apply the NF standard for joinery, the Qualibat certification for the craftsman, the CSTBat label for the window, Acotherm for thermal and acoustic insulation, Cekal for double sealing. glazing or the A2P label recognized by insurance to guarantee the performance of double or triple glazing in terms of security.

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