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You want to make a facelift because the condition of your facade has deteriorated, or simply to renovate and change the color of your facades? You will have to go through a specialized company. A facelift is a big budget: make several requests for quotes to compare offers and select the right provider.

Quote for a facelift

Quote for a facelift

Request for quotes for a facelift

Façade renovations require specific skills and equipment. Contact several cleaning companies to have quotes drawn up. Give all the necessary details about your project so that companies provide you with a suitable quote.

It is necessary to make a preliminary diagnosis before requesting quotes. Thus, you will know exactly what kind of work will be done to clean and renovate your facades.

The request for quotation is usually free and you will know how much could cost the facelift of your house. The price of a facelift varies according to many criteria: the surface to be treated, the nature of the facelift, the condition of your facades, the material to work, etc.

How to compare quotes?

Take the time to compare the quotes you received. Check several points when comparing quotes from different companies, for example:

  • Are the steps of the work specified?
  • What materials will be selected for the work (coatings, etc.), and their quality level?
  • What is the lead time?
  • Does the cleaning company have all the necessary guarantees and assurances?

On the other hand, also rely on the reputation of the company. If you can go see an achievement, it's ideal. You can get an idea of ​​the work done.

Do not hesitate to ask more details and advice to companies that have provided you with a quote. This will help you make your final choice.

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