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When we want to install a chimney at home, we must start at the beginning; to know the quote! But a quote for a closed fireplace, what does it contain, in fact...? What type of quote should be favored and most importantly, which ones should we be wary of?

Quote for a closed fireplace: when should we be suspicious?

The closed fireplace is clearly more popular than its sister, the open fireplace. And for good reason: it's not a simple element of deco! Once the window closed, the closed fireplace is a heater in its own right, whose performance often surprises its users.

Its price is necessarily higher, and a quote for a fireplace will necessarily be higher. But do not overdo it either! Even for a tailor-made solution, a quote for a closed fireplace must not exceed 10,000 euros.

Knowing that you usually have to plan between 1500 and 5000 euros for the material, between 1000 and 2000 euros for connection (unless of course we already have a conduit). And if we have a masonry chimney, we must provide a casing of the duct: in this case, to count about 75 euros / meter, plus some fixing parts.

For an "entry level" model (material and simple finishes), it is therefore necessary to count around 5000 €. Knowing that what will always vary the most in a quote for a closed fireplace is obviously the cost of labor!

Generally, the pose takes 1 or 2 days, 3 large maximum. So we are wary of quotes for a closed fireplace that provide construction sites on the week.

In terms of price, they vary necessarily according to the regions, but if the estimate labor exceeds the 2000 euros, one does not hesitate to ask questions.

Quote for a closed fireplace: this can quickly drive up the price

When you do not know too much and start a quote for a fireplace, there are some positions that are poorly controlled that can quickly drive up prices, such as:

  • The window. Central element of a closed fireplace, you can choose a single-sided pane, which will necessarily be less expensive than a 3-sided pane.
  • Pedestal. This closed fireplace, it must be put somewhere. Either we opt for steel feet, adjustable height, which cost about 80 €, or it is placed on simple agglomerates that will be covered by the mantel of the fireplace.

Small details all stupid, but can quickly save us precious euros on the estimate of a closed fireplace.

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