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There is a wide choice of garden shelters, of all sizes and in several materials. If you hire a professional, ask for several quotes and compare prices to choose the garden shed that best fits your budget.

Quote for a garden shed

Quote for a garden shed

Why choose a professional?

Regarding the construction of your garden shed, you can choose a professional for several reasons:

  • The terrain has features that require specific know-how, such as sloping terrain,
  • The desired shelter has specific or even unique characteristics: dimensions, shapes, desired electrical connection, etc.,
  • The installation and assembly of the shelter are often offered by professionals.

Calling on a professional like a carpenter or a specialized salesman guarantees a quality work. Indeed, the professional is better able to identify your needs according to your budget (material, size, tailor-made, etc.). In addition, the expert is responsible for leveling the ground or pouring a concrete slab, base of your shelter. Finally, the material and the assembly are guaranteed.

In short, calling a professional provides a quality service while saving time.

What does a garden shed quote contain?

When a quote for a garden shed is requested from a professional, the latter carries out a diagnosis of the work that he will carry out. This diagnosis makes it possible to fix a tariff.

You will find on a quote:

  • The name and address of the company,
  • The name and address of the client,
  • The site of the work,
  • The construction schedule,
  • The measures and the plan of the shelter to be realized as well as the constraints to be respected,
  • The necessary materials,
  • The mention "estimate received before execution".

All this information makes it possible to check and guarantee the progress of the work. To can compare the prices and benefit from best service on the part of craftsmen such as carpenters, specialized sellers or resellers, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes.