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Installing a lock or changing a lock seems to be a simple and fast operation at first sight but the quality and accuracy of the installation is essential to ensure safety and prevent future malfunctions. It is therefore important to make a professional locksmith to avoid any inconvenience or bad surprise. However, you must be vigilant and ask for several quotes to compare prices and find the locksmith that will meet all your requirements.

Quote for the installation of a door lock

Quote for the installation of a door lock

Why change the lock of a door?

A lock replacement is necessary if your door lock is aging or not working very well and it is inevitable if you have been the victim of an attempted break-in or if you have lost the keys. Changing the lock also allows to gain security and also allows in extreme cases to prevent a person from entering your home. Although in some cases it is possible to change your lock yourself, it is better to use a locksmith who will make you benefit from his experience and know-how.

Locksmithing and its components: tariffs

To change a lock, the locksmith will charge you the price of the parts to be replaced. So be careful and do not hesitate to compare with the prices of the trade because some professionals tend to apply a very important margin. An applied lock costs between 10 and 600 euros, a hook lock between 30 and 50 euros, a multipoint lock between 60 and 850 euros and a biometric lock between 200 and 1000 euros. Count between 1 and 90 euros for a waste, between 10 and 50 euros for a cylinder, between 3 and 15 euros for a latch and between 2 and 40 euros for a lock. The price of the pieces varies according to the quality of the materials and the chosen brand and represents only a part of the estimate established by your locksmith.

How much does it cost to install a door lock?

In the quote you will be charged also the trip and the service performed. A locksmith usually asks 30 euros for a trip within a radius of 10 km. It is for this reason that it is better to call a professional who is close to your home. It will also charge you 40 euros per hour of labor. It is obvious that the longer and more complex the service, the more the invoice amount will increase. Count between 100 and 150 euros to change a lock (material + labor) during the week. If it is an emergency repair, know that the quote is no longer mandatory.

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