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After inquiring, you have opted for the installation of a heat pump in your home. The quote is the next step in your process. This document lists all the services to which a professional is committed for the installation of your heat pump. Comparing quotes from different providers is essential to install a heat pump at the best price.

How to get a quote for the installation of your heat pump?

Professionals are obliged to establish quotes for the installation of electrical equipment worth more than 150 €. Heat pumps fall into this category. To obtain a quote for the installation of a heat pump, all you need is to contact one or more professionals of this heating equipment. An estimate can be requested by correspondence, on the internet or by mail, or by moving to the professional concerned.

Mandatory information mentioned on the quote

Reading several heat pump installation specifications should allow you to compare similar offers. The quote includes the mandatory information following:

  • The date of the quote
  • The name and address of the company or professional setting the quotation
  • The customer's name
  • The estimated start date of the works
  • The detailed breakdown of each service with its price
  • The price of labor
  • Travel expenses
  • The conditions of the after-sales service and in particular the guarantees
  • And finally the overall price of the service, excluding tax and all taxes included.

The quote, a document without commitment and usually free

Setting up a quote for the installation of a heat pump with a professional does not commit you to have your installation done by this service provider. An estimate only commits the professional to follow the details of the described service. You agree to the estimate of your installation work only from the moment you sign the quotation after writing the words "good for work".

A quote is in principle free. However, there is nothing to prevent professionals from offering paid quotes in case of displacement or in-depth studies. But they must inform their customers before drawing up the quote.

Whatever type of heat pump you have chosen to install at home, it is very interesting to have several quotes to get the benefit at the best price.

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