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Install a dressing room adjacent to the bedroom is a powerful storage solution, a great utility. Quotation for the installation of a dressing room: our advices and recommendations in order to obtain the best quality-price ratio.

Quotation for the installation of a dressing room: the precautions

The quote is a legal document that does not bind the applicant unless he has signed it. On the other hand, it hires the professional who establishes it.

  • The estimate for the installation of a dressing room, usually free, can be invoiced if the professional is forced to move to study the request and answer precisely (installation possibilities, dimensions, necessary adjustments...)

This additional cost must first be reported by the installer, otherwise the customer will not be required to pay it.

  • It is advisable to have several quotes from different companies. This approach makes it possible to compare the prices and the quality of the services of each professional.
  • In addition, this comparison will allow the applicant to compete to negotiate the price of his dressing.

To note: pay attention to prices too tempting. The quality of the finishes and the installation of the dressing without will probably negatively feel.

Detail of the estimate for the installation of a dressing room

An estimate for the installation of a dressing must imperatively be detailed and specify each option desired by the applicant. Before taking the steps to request a quote, it is therefore advisable to write a list of the main elements that you want to appear on the quote (materials, options, etc.)

The quote in detail:

1. Supplies
For a custom-made dressing room, the cost of the installation is added to the cost of the supplies needed for:

The structureInterior layoutThe facade
- Dimensions
- Panels
- Background
- Etc.
- High or low wardrobes
- Lockers
- Drawers
- Shelves
- Various accessories
- Lighting
- Etc.
- Mirrors
- Sliding doors
- Wooden doors
- Anti-derailment system
- Etc.

The estimate must include the total cost of the supplies ordered for the dressing room.

2. The pose
The estimate then presents the cost for the installation of the dressing itself, before specifying the overall price inclusive of installation work.

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