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Placing a window requires skills in glazing, carpentry and compliance with safety and environmental standards. When we decide to install or renovate windows in the rules of the art, the intervention of a professional is required. The quote is an essential document that must be drafted rigorously to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The quote: the centerpiece of your windows installation

Any installation of windows always starts with a quote. This document can be considered as a "pre-invoice" which summarizes all the information necessary to serve as a basis for the final invoice. A standard quote does not exist and each contractor or window craftsman proposes an estimate according to a model "estimate homemade".

On the other hand, and whatever the model, information is obligatory like:

  • the price before tax and VAT, the date and the end of the works,
  • the place of completion of the work,
  • the details of the materials provided,
  • the list of services with the tariff,
  • the payment period,
  • the staggering schedule,
  • the payment of deposit or installments...

The contact details of the company and the customer must also be clearly indicated on the quote (name, address, telephone). Concerning the company, the company name, the number of Siret, the professional insurance as well as its legal form must appear on the document.

In the majority of cases, the drafting of the estimate for the installation of windows by a professional and the expenses of displacement are free, but some companies invoice these services. After signing and agreeing the quote, these fees are normally deducted from the invoice. It is advisable to remain vigilant on this point and to ask that this deduction be mentioned on the estimate...

The quote windows pose in summary

In addition to the quality and skills of the contractor or craftsman, a properly written quote is the key to the success of your windows installation.

Finalize a quote:

A quote is accepted when it is dated and signed jointly by the client and the company with the respective mentions:

  • « Quote received before the execution of the works, read and accepted " or " good for work - dated and signed by the client
  • The mention the reference " Read and accepted - dated and signed by the contractor.

If during the work, unplanned supplies and facilities are added, the company must provide an amendment to the estimate and have it signed.

Price simulator on the Internet:

Before asking for a quote for the installation of windows by a professional, it is always wise to get an idea of ​​the approximate price of the installation.

It exists price simulators windows on websites that come in the form of a small questionnaire to complete. These forms summarize the dimensions, the material, the glazing, the number of leaves, the type of opening of your windows...

Their only drawback: the peculiarities (special form, additional work to be expected...) can not be mentioned and often they weigh down the final bill. But simulating a quote for window on the internet is a good way to evaluate a price before asking for a "real quote" for the installation of windows by a professional.

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