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The roller shutter is a real equipment solution to improve the protection and the insulation of its veranda. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find the right provider in terms of the number of players in this market. How to find the competent professional? How to estimate the reliability of a quote? Response elements.

To which professionals to address for shutters of veranda?

There are several possible ways to equip its veranda with shutters.

If the purchase of shutters and their installation is entrusted to a professional, it is possible to apply to a verandalist company, or a craftsman specializing in the installation of windows, doors and shutters.

If you plan to do it yourself, you can buy rolling shutters in DIY superstores or from designers / distributors.

In both cases, you can obtain a list of competent professionals, by specialty and department, on the website of SNFA (National Union of Construction of Windows, Facades and Associated Activities).

What must be included in the specifications for veranda shutters?

First and foremost, all professionals must provide you with a quote, whether for the purchase and / or installation of shutters (except in the case of a DIY supermarket acquisition). The preparation of this document is in the majority of cases free, and does not constitute a commitment from you until it is returned signed.

Also, in addition to the mandatory information, any estimate for veranda shutters must at least include material information used (material, dimensions and performance level of shutters) and its installation (estimated duration of work).

Whether it is to build your future veranda or to equip the existing shutters, the supply of the estimate must also go through an on-site visit, especially to take the appropriate measures.

Finally, the quote of the professional must be accompanied by his Terms of Sales but also its insurance certificate (ten-year guarantee), in which case it is necessary to claim them.

I have a doubt about the price of the quote, how to proceed?

In order to be able to estimate the cost of an estimate, it is first necessary to ask several professionals to be able to establish a comparison and thus determine an average price range.

In addition, various factors may justify a high tariff proposal such as the manufacture of custom shutters, the supply of shutters with a particularly sophisticated mechanism, or the installation of more expensive roof shutters than for those of facade.

Finally, it is important to be vigilant about the low cost quotes, which can be established at the expense of quality.

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