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Before any troubleshooting of your boiler, the technician must provide you with a detailed estimate including the services to be carried out as well as the HT and TTC prices.

Ask for a quote for troubleshooting your boiler

Before any intervention on your boiler, the professional must propose you a quote. In general, this quote is free.

Do you contact a specialist for emergency troubleshooting? Even in this case, a quote must be prepared before the intervention. The technician first tests and checks your boiler to detect the failure and then makes a quote. He must then wait for your acceptance of the estimate before repairing the boiler.

You want to involve a professional for a specific analysis or a adjusting the combustion for example, in addition to your annual maintenance? Ask for several quotes to compare prices and choose the provider that seems most competent.

Troubleshooting (s) included in the maintenance contract: no need for a quote!

If you have subscribed a maintenance contract for your boiler, the interventions of the technicians will be done in this context. Annual maintenance and several repairs can be included in the subscription. Depending on the contract, you may even be entitled to a number unlimited troubleshooting.

However, your heating engineer will be able to give you a quote if he has to make a major repair with parts to change, etc.

In which case to contact a dépanneur for your boiler?

Ignition problem, water leak, abnormal noise, radiators that do not work: your boiler is down? You did some checks but do not know where the fault comes from? You can contact your service provider for a technician to come to your home.

When you call your help desk, your caller may be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost of the intervention.

Also contact a professional if you want to install a boiler, or change the boiler.

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