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For installation, fixing and all the connections relating to the installation of a kitchen hood, you can request the intervention of a cook. It offers you the guarantee of a professional work and an optimal installation in the respect of the safety standards in force. Back on the estimate of installation of a hood of kitchen.

Why delegate the installation of a kitchen hood?

A recycling hood model does not require any work related to its installation. The only intervention necessary is to install and then fix the hood on a wall or on the ceiling. Do-it-yourselfers can personally take care of installing their recycling cooker hood. The installation of an extractor hood model is more complicated: the creation of an exhaust outlet is essential.

For non-handymen and for an optimal installation in compliance with safety standards, it is recommended to call a professional cook who will take care of the installation, fixing, electrical connection and all other work related to the installation of a kitchen hood.

The work necessary for the installation of a kitchen hood

The different steps required for the installation of a range hood are:

  • the delimitation of the location on a wall or ceiling
  • laying and then fixing the kitchen hood to the defined location
  • the connection to the exhaust outlet, existing or to be built beforehand
  • the electrical connection of the kitchen hood

From which elements is the quote developed?

For the preparation of the estimate, which explains in detail the service and the cost of the intervention, the professional cook takes into consideration:

  • the model of the hood: built-in, independent, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted
  • the presence or absence of an old hood, to be removed for replacement
  • the need or not of create a conduit and an evacuation mouth outdoors
  • the need or not to place the hood motor outdoors
  • the existence or not of a tool specific to the kitchen hood to be installed

Depending on all of these elements, the cost of the quote can be set between € 100 and € 250 on average. You can request a quotation from the agency where you purchased your range hood, which can handle the installation, or from an independent professional cook.

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