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The installation work of a pellet stove is complex. They therefore ask for the intervention and know-how of a professional. Choosing the right installer is first and foremost about comparing quotes, so it's easier to identify the company offering the best value for money.

Request a quote for your pellet stove

The installation work of a pellet stove exceeds the limit of 150 euros to refrain from requesting a quote. It is therefore obligatory here.

Several requests for quotes can now be made directly online, which facilitates the process. Its goal is to evaluate the overall price of installation of a pellet stove.

Following this first step, direct contact with artisans is essential. They may be brought to to go there to refine the quote.

Comparing the services and prices of several professionals allows them to compete and negotiate prices. It is estimated that good negotiation can bring up to 20% discount on the starting price.

Finally, the installation of the pellet stove by a professional can receive aid from the National Housing Agency (ANAH), the VAT to 5.5% and possibly the Eco-loan at zero rate and the tax credit.

Quotation of a pellet stove

The quote request is free. However, it is noted that the installer can bill the final document under certain conditions (if he moves to the home for example). He must first report this cost to the customer, otherwise, he may refuse to pay.

In order to grasp all the interventions required for the installation of a pellet stove, it is necessary to study carefully the components of his quote. This ensures that the price displayed corresponds to his project.

The quote must display:

  • the detailed breakdown of each service (quantity and unit price):
    - creation of a flue gas duct (if there is none)
    - destruction of the old chimney (if it exists)
    - verification and renovation of the flue (if any) insulation of flammable materials (parquet, walls, etc.)
    - duct formwork
  • the hourly rate of labor (TTC)
  • the total sum HT and TTC
  • the validity date of the offer (usually 3 months)

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