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All plumbing installations requiring the intervention of a professional must be quoted. Quotation requests exist to help the individual choose his plumber. It is also a protection for both the professional and the customer.

Plumbing work and request for quotation

The quote request is strongly recommended in case of plumbing work. These facilities are delicate, taking the time to choose his plumber is a step not to neglect.
Legally, the request for quotation remains however an optional step, except in the case of a repair intervention of more than 150 euros.

It is now very easy to make several requests for free quotes and no commitment on the internet. These first documents will however have to be clarified following the choice of the service provider.

The quote is very useful in order to negotiate the price of the plumber's intervention. With this document, we compare the different services and tariffs to compete. Good negotiation can even save up to 20% savings.

We note that there is various aids can be allocated to partially finance the plumbing work. It is therefore interesting to learn about this from the ANAH, DDE and local authorities.

Content of a plumbing quote

Attention, a professional will be able bill his quoteespecially if it is moving or has to make a thorough study of the scope of work to be done. However, he will have to warn beforehand his client who may not follow through.

From a legal point of view, the quote is a contract offer. It firmly commits the professional on the extent of the work, their cost, the expected time, etc. The quotation engages the customer only from the moment he signs the document and inscribes there the word "good for work".

Mandatory components of a plumbing quote:

  • Obligatory handwritten mention: "estimate received before the execution of the works", dating and signature
  • Name and address of the company and name of the client
  • Date of commencement of work and estimated duration
  • Detailed breakdown of each service (quantity and price per unit)
  • Labor price and travel expenses
  • After-sales service and guarantees
  • Overall amount excluding taxes and taxes
  • Period of validity of the offer

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