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Installation or renovation, individual sanitation work is a cost that depends on many parameters. The establishment of comparative quotes is therefore unavoidable. How to make your quote requests, what are the main elements?

The steps, before the estimate

Before having a quote prepared, contact the SPANC or Public Non-Collective Sanitation Service of your municipality. The organization will provide you with specific specifications, specific to each municipality and in some cases, will put you in touch with an approved design office. If this is not the case, have a soil study done by a private practice.

Whatever their source, these data are crucial and must be included in your quote. They will guide your choice on the two main types of sectors to remember: traditional or ecological or so-called approved. If the nature of your land and its area make the two possible systems, have quotes for each solution.

Remember that some work may benefit funding aids like the zero-interest loan or ANAH support in the context of sustainable development. Inquire before and make mention in your quote to have only one specific document to submit to all your interlocutors.

Remediation works: points to be included in your quote

First of all, to get relevant quotes, it is necessary to include exactly identical positions, unless you want to compare two different sanitation channels.

  • The surface of your land
  • Accessibility data for your land
  • Its degree of declivity, if any, determining factor in determining whether a lift pump is necessary
  • Data provided by the study of soil
  • The price of the chosen sanitation solution: classic or ecological
  • The price of earthworks
  • The price of laying pipes
  • The price of the water and electricity connection.

To know.

  • The cost differs according to the number of people who live under your roof, a point to remember.
  • If you have chosen an approved sector, do not forget to mention the registration number.
  • When you receive the quotation check that the company has a ten-year guarantee and that the costs of restoration in the event of deterioration during the works are specified.
  • Before you start the work, submit the quote (s) to SPANC, to verify compliance.

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