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You want to replace your window and you have no idea of ​​the price? High-performance online window simulators give you a range of the cost of an installation depending on the size of the window, the type of installation, the glazing and the materials chosen.

What you need to know before requesting an online quote

Get an online quote is a very fast, simple and practical formula. But we must first define its needs window, the size of the framework and its budget. Here are some tips before you start simulating an online window quote.

The size of the window

The price may vary from double to double the size of the window frame. There are standard windows but in case of renovation or old house it is often essential to install a custom frame with custom dimensions.

The different types of opening

There are multiple opening systems with its specificities, constraints and advantages. For example, we find the opening to the French, the most traditional, the tilt-and-turn that opens only partially, the sliding window or the so-called fixed window that lets in the light without opening. The latter is less expensive because it does not have an opening system.

The choice of opening depends on your interior space, the objective, the floor and the arrangement of the rooms. Some windows bring more light or more security and others more comfort and more thermal or sound insulation.

The choice of materials

Before simulating an online window quote, it must determine the material (s) who will compose the window. In this field, there are 3 classic materials, including wood, PVC and aluminum.

Each material has its characteristics, its advantages and its disadvantages. The wood is a safe bet, which gives a warm appearance to the home. PVC is more and more trendy thanks to its good degree of insulation, its attractive price and its resistance and the aluminum is resistant and brings a modern and contemporary touch. To reduce the cost it is possible to combine two materials, aluminum and wood for example.

The choice of material depends on priorities and objectives: safety, aesthetics, price, quality, ease of maintenance...

And finally, the choice of glazing

There are different types of glazing from the simplest to the most insulating such as triple glazing. In this area, it is recommended to look at the different existing glasses to make the right choice depending on the location of the window, the strength of the frame, the brightness, the need for aeration or not of the room...

In summary, before doing an online window quote simulation, it is advisable to write a list of the main elements that will define your online application. The points quoted above give you a good starting point to start your price calculation...

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