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To properly carry out his project of installation of a wood stove, it is above all to choose his installer. This is done through the comparison of quotes collected from professionals in the field. The quote must therefore identify the most qualitative service, performed at the best price.

Installing a wood stove, why ask for a quote?

The installation of a wood stove requires the intervention of a professional. The quote request is here mandatory.

The purpose of a quote request is to evaluate the cost of his project. It is now possible to realize this request directly online, for an immediate estimate of the work. It will then be important to get in touch with the artisans to benefit from their advice and to perfect the demand:

  • refine or modify your project (depending on the constraints)
  • prepare a detailed estimate
  • put in competition the various professionals and negotiate rates (with a potential reduction of 20% on the invoice)

In addition, have the installation work of his wood stove by a qualified company, allows a number of benefits. In particular, it will be able to benefit from a 5.5% VAT, aid from the National Agency for Housing (ANAH) and possibly to claim the Eco-loan at zero rate and the tax credit.

What must appear on the quote of a wood stove

A quote is a free document. However the professional will be able to invoice it insofar as it moves to the home to establish it. He will then have the obligation to announce this billing and its cost. Otherwise the customer may refuse to pay.

The price of a wood stove and its installation induce many interventions. We must therefore look closely at the quote in order to understand the steps and check that the price displayed is in line with the project, the characteristics of the wood stove and the services of the professional (service and warranty).

The quote must contain:

  • the creation of the flue pipe (if it does not exist in the habitat)
  • the destruction of the old chimney (if it exists)
  • the verification and renovation actions of the evacuation pipe (if it exists)
  • insulation of flammable materials around the stove (parquet, walls, etc.)
  • duct formwork

Video Instruction: Wood Burning Stove Estimate