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Home automation is an area of ​​innovation that makes a home smart. It is also an area where prices can be expensive, hence the interest of asking several quotes to professionals.

What criteria does a quote depend on?

By making an estimate, the professional sets a service rate following the analysis of several criteria:

  • The nature of the construction site (new, renovation, etc.),
  • The surface of the dwelling,
  • The equipment to be controlled (shutters, heaters, etc.),
  • The protocol of the equipment to be controlled (PLC, cable, wireless, etc.),
  • Automatisms to set up on the devices (connected devices),
  • The type of control panel (touch screen, remote control, smartphone, etc.).

From this information, the professional can establish a home automation quote.

How to choose a professional?

Home automation is an area where you can use several professional categories to install your equipment. Indeed, a domotician is a specialist in home automation but an electrician is also competent to install your home automation system.

Before asking a quote to a professional, find out about his reputation. You can also ask him for examples of work already done and his references. The professional must have skills in electricity but also in network. Also inquire about the availability of home automation plans in case of replacement of components but also for a possible evolution later.

On the quote, a certain amount of information is required:

  • Name and address of the company,
  • Name and address of the customer,
  • Location of the site,
  • Date and time,
  • Nature and details of the services to be performed, ie the equipment and the price,
  • Mention "estimate received before execution".

To compare the prices of a home automation system for professionals, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes. Indeed, on the same service, the rates can triple.

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