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I would like to please, a candid answer on RESINENCE DÉCO QUARTZ, special work plan considering the number of negative opinions met on this product: what is its resistance to scratches? I have some concerns after using Resinence color + Email and Inox Resent to revive an oak table. No difficulty in implementation and a beautiful lacquered result, however, while I had waited the 8 days recommended to put my table in service, scratches appeared immediately. They do not really affect the result but it's too bad. So, I'm afraid to encounter a similar problem with the work plan. I thank you in advance for the answer you would like to give me.

It is true that the product is presented as accessible to all, but Resinence is a very "technical" product that requires some practice and a good DIY base. The preparation of surfaces is essential and it is preferable to use this product on floors and walls and tiled or concrete surfaces.

RESINENCE DECO QUARTZ is a very good product if it is applied in the rules of the art. Strictly follow the advice recommended in this GUIDE and simply plan an increase in resin consumption ranging from 5 to 20% depending on the state of the surface and the size of the tile joints in the case of a tiled work surface. Also beware of the drying temperature which should not be lower, in my opinion, at twenty degrees.

Do not hesitate to contact their customer service on 0810 104 104 (local call price).

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