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Exit the dusty image of the radiator which we try to forget the existence and place the decorative radiator! Design or tailor-made, your radiator is a new skin and shows off: something to amaze your friends!

Honey decorative radiator from Caleido

Honey decorative radiator from Caleido

Are all the radiators decorative?

The majority of the radiators present on the market can be design but one will retain the electric radiators and the radiators with hot water. Here are some examples:

  • The blown electric heater can become a stylish and trendy appliance, The infrared electric heater can become a real decorative object,
  • The radiating electric radiator can pass for what it is not, like a mirror,
  • The radiator with steel panels can take on a form that makes one forget one's function,
  • The towel radiator can become the central element of a bathroom decoration.

All decorative radiators maintain their heating qualities.

What are the advantages of the decorative radiator?

A design radiator allows the unit to integrate fully into the decoration of your home. It can take all the desired shapes: console, shelf, mirror, glass design paintings, master paintings, sculptures, etc. Imagine a radiator that would be confused with a reproduction of a Van Gogh painting!

Some brands even offer customization on demand: you provide them with the reason you want to appear on the radiator.

Brands have even specialized in offering radiators whose design is made by real artists. The radiator becomes a work of art in its own right.

What are the disadvantages of the decorative radiator?

The decorative radiator remains a functional radiator. The risk is to put the unit in a place where it has no place and lose its heating qualities. It should not be placed where it is compatible with the decoration but in a place where its heating role is most relevant.

Finally, the price. A decorative radiator is very expensive to buy and can quickly lose its place if you change the decoration of the room in which it is.

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