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Who has never enjoyed the blissful warmth of a heated floor lamp in a station hall? Emitted by a halogen electric radiator, the feeling of warmth is immediate and very enveloping. Still unusual, this type of heating has many advantages.

The halogen radiator

The halogen radiator

How does a halogen heater work?

This type of radiator works with a halogen lamp that emits infrared radiation. Like all radiators radiators, halogen heats the bodies and objects before warming the air, hence the sensation of immediate heat on the skin.

There are two types of halogen heaters:

  • The mobile radiator extra, small and light, which moves easily.
  • The fixed radiator, more efficient.

It is an ideal heating mode for heating a veranda, a terrace or any open or outdoor place. Before you install it, find a strategic location. Indeed, a halogen radiator has no long range, so it must be close to people or things to warm.

What are the advantages of the halogen heater?

This type of radiator is very practical:

  • The feeling of warmth is fast,
  • The heat is distributed evenly,
  • Noise is nonexistent
  • The purchase price is not high,
  • Transport is easy thanks to the small size,
  • The installation is simple: the radiator plugs into an electrical outlet.

You can even take advantage of the flaws of the halogen heater. For example, it tends to dry out the air, but this makes it an ideal solution for a damp room.

What are the disadvantages?

Like all electric radiators, the halogen radiator does not escape certain negative points:

  • Electricity consumption is very important,
  • The life of the bulb is rather reduced: maximum 5000 hours,
  • The heat diffusion is limited, so it is not suitable for large areas.

The halogen radiator is renowned for its mobility and is ideal for heating a small room like a bathroom, just like the radiator blowing.

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