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True decorative object, the radiator table is not yet very developed on the market because it is more expensive than a conventional radiator. However, it has many advantages. Easy to install, economical, design, it also offers you a very pleasant thermal comfort.

The radiator table

The radiator table

What is a panel radiator?

An array radiator is a decorative radiator that integrates perfectly with your interior since it looks like a table. Ultra-design, it offers you the possibility to choose the shape of your choice (circle, square, rectangle, oval, rhombus...) and also the decor of your choice (personal photos, artists' paintings...). Thanks to a transfer system, the manufacturers duplicate the decor directly on the surface of the radiator. Still little used, the panel radiator is considered to be a functional art object and it is obvious that it will be more expensive to purchase than a conventional radiator. Plan a budget of over 1000 euros to equip your home with a panel radiator.

How does a panel radiator work?

An array heater simply plugs into the power grid and produces heat through infrared rays long. The panel radiator does not heat the air but the object itself. The carbon grid that is placed inside the structure is heated and radiates heat. The outer walls are usually made of glass, enamel or epoxy. The panel radiators have a power between 300 and 1400 W. Know that even if they are more expensive to buy, the panel radiators allow you to save on heating because they consume little electricity and a performance higher than that of a conventional radiator.

Why choose a panel radiator?

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the panel radiator has many advantages.
Very easy to installhe is just plug into the power grid and does not require maintenance. It offers almost instant heat, homogeneous and healthy since it does not brew air. Ultrasilence, the radiator table is forgotten and also offers acoustic comfort. Its infrared radiation has a range up to 5 m and allows heat large areas. It is also very economical because it allows to heat at a lower temperature while offering the same thermal comfort as a conventional radiator. Know that to get the same temperature in a room, a table radiator will consume 60W / m² against 100W / m² for a classic radiator. The panel radiator also has the advantage of being beneficial for the environment because it does not burn oxygen and does not emit CO2.

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