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Available in three shapes and two colors, the Artoit range adapts to all regional architectures. The carpenters appreciate their lightness, the vertical walls their discreet charm: all buildings benefit from the advantages of these fiber cement slates.

Artoit range, cement fiber slates Eternit

Artoit range, cement fiber slates Eternit: cement

To adapt to the largest number of architectures, Artoit cement fiber slates are available in three forms. Lightweight and offering all the qualities of fiber-cement, they are used both in siding and cover. Their diamond shape, their straight edges and their discreet colors are in perfect harmony with regional traditions. Walls or frame, their large dimensions make it also an economic cladding material, for renovation work as new.



- Durable and powerful material
- Easy and fast installation
- Product recognized by DTU 40.13 "Fiber-cement slate cover"
- Ideal for façade cladding and roofing
- 15 years warranty
- Many accessories


- Color black or zinc gray
- Diamond shape - Straight edges
- Three formats adapted to regional architectures: with or without notch for the hook, cut corners, uncut corners


- 40 x 40 (black and zinc gray)

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