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Straight edges and neutral colors, the fiber cement slates of the Orléane range are suitable for all projects. Their low price and technical performance make them a first-class choice for renovation as new.

Orléane range, slates fiber cement Eternit

Orléane range, slates fiber cement Eternit: cement

Modern or classic construction, the Orléane fiber cement slate lines adapt to all architectures. In anthracite color, the range comes in four sizes and offers rectangular or shoulder edges. In brown it comes in two dimensions. This range combines refined aesthetics, neat finishes and certified quality to ensure optimal architectural integration.



- High performance material
- Ease of implementation (flat and regular slates)
- Product recognized by the DTU 40 of December 13, 2009
- "Q8" certification (based on the product and its manufacture, based on EN492 and factory controls)
- 15 years warranty - Many accessories


- Anthracite or brown color
- Straight, rectangular or shoulder edges
- Careful finishing of surfaces (faces and slices)


- 40 x24 (anthracite / brown)
- 60 x 30 (anthracite / brown)
- 45 x 30 (brown, rectangular or shoulder edges)

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