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Lightweight and of regular thickness, the slates of the Pommay range combine the qualities of fiber cement and the originality of flamed hues. Their fringed edges lend themselves to any surface, ensuring quality and character siding in many architectural environments.

Pommay range, Eternit fiber cement slates

Pommay range, Eternit fiber cement slates: fiber

Ideal for buildings, the fiber cement slates of the Pommay range are suitable for both roofing and wall cladding. Effective, they offer a regularity and lightness that facilitates their installation. The flamed appearance of their surface results from an innovative pigmentation technology, which makes each slate a unique piece. Available in two flamed shades, brown and gray, shades of slates marry to create a cladding unlike any other. And to pose a coating becomes an artist's game.


Effective protection against rain and water infiltration cover, slates can also be used in front. Offering the advantages of cladding, they are a material of choice in case of external thermal insulation (ITE).

To these technical performances, protecting the buildings from premature deterioration, is added the aesthetic aspect. Thus adorned, the facades are part of the continuity of the cover as much by the material as by the colors, giving a resolutely modern touch to the frame. A guarantee of originality for all surfaces.



- High performance material
- Easy installation
- "QB" certification (based on the product and its manufacture, based on the EN492 standard and factory controls)
- 15 years warranty
- Many accessories


- Innovative flaming hues
- Wrinkled edges


- 60 x 30 (flamed brown / flamed anthracite gray)
- 40 x 24 (flamed brown / flamed anthracite gray)
- 40 x 11 (half format, only available in brown flames)

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