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A boiler that no longer heats or that does not turn on is to be repaired by a professional because it is a complex element that must respect safety rules. What is the cost of such troubleshooting, how is it calculated? We help you to see a little clear about the rates of a boiler repair.

How are tariffs established to troubleshoot a boiler?

The heating plumber who intervenes on your boiler will take various parameters into account for the establishment of its invoice with the fact that it is still under warranty or not. If it is no longer guaranteed:

1) You do not have a maintenance contract for your boiler:
The chosen professional will apply his hourly rate to which will be added travelling expenses and the price of parts to change which will be higher than if you buy them yourself. An intervention in the evening, weekend or during a holiday will result in an increase in the hourly rate. Do not hesitate to ask quotes to several companies.

2) You have a maintenance contract, usually offered when you buy the boiler:
You will be entitled to a free breakdown service per year which includes repairs, parts, labor but also moving. Some contracts provide for unlimited repairs, depending on how much you want to allocate to the maintenance contract.

We recommend you to ask for such a contract of maintenance with the purchase if the seller does not propose it to you because on the one hand the cumulation of the two can bring down your global bill of the boiler and on the other hand you are quiet in case of boiler failure.

The different prices according to the breakdowns

1) With a maintenance contract, count around an average of 20 € per month depending on the boiler (gas or oil) and depending on whether you add an annual service or unlimited repairs.

2) Without a contractit is difficult to communicate accurate rates as it depends on the location of your home, the brand and the type of boiler and the parameters listed above.

For an intervention of one hour with displacement but without the parts to replace, envisage a tariff around 150 € (except public holidays or emergencies).

Depending on the part to be changed, the price of this can range from a few euros to several hundred euros or more if the boiler is permanently out of use with a guarantee expired. For example, the replacement of a circulator will cost you about € 150 while the replacement of a thermostat will cost about € 50 (part, installation, movement, labor included).
Hence the importance to request a quote if you do not have a maintenance contract and this even if the repair must be done urgently.

Troubleshooting tariff for a boiler: summary

Rates quoted are averages and can in no way be used for the negotiation of a quote.

Annual maintenance contract + 1 troubleshootingBetween 100 and 150 €Between 180 and 230 €
Annual maintenance contract + unlimited repairsBetween 150 and 210 €Between 230 and 280 €
1h intervention (excluding coins)Around 100 €About 150 €
Circulator (according to the brand) 180 € + MO 160 € + MO
Ignition electrode (according to brand)Between 10 and 70 €Between 15 and 60 €

For a more detailed price, do not hesitate to request a quote for your boiler.

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