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Troubleshooting a rolling shutter whether mechanical or electrical may have many rates depending on the type of failure. Is it still under warranty, should you (repair) or replace it, at what price? So many questions to which we will try to give you advice.

Roller Shutter Troubleshooting: How Are Rates Established?

As soon as your electric shutter shows signs of weakness or your mechanical shutter jams when closing or opening it, consider contacting a shutter specialist. This will prevent you from having to deal with an unusable shutter that can sometimes block access to your home (door window acting as a front door with a shutter in the down position).

But before you rush to a professional, first check that the warranty of the component has not expired because in this case the repairs cost nothing. Parts can be guaranteed up to 10 years for some manufacturers but generally the warranty varies from 2 to 5 years.

If the shutter is no longer under warranty, ask for several quotes since some companies offer an all-inclusive package (excluding spare parts) while others may be charging improperly mileage or time spent for the intervention for example.

Troubleshooting pricing depending on the type of shutter and its age, the nature of the breakdown but also the mileage between the repair company and your home and the time spent to restart your door or window closure.

Rates based on shutdown failure

1) If your shutter is manual, its malfunction may be due to the strap, the crank or damaged lamellae. DIYers will find replacement parts in DIY stores or on the internet at very good prices. Those who will use a professional to replace one of these defective elements will have to paye 50 and 100 € manpower included.

2) For an electric roller shutter, the price may be higher especially if the failure comes from the engine. Indeed, it is necessary to deposit the shutter of the shutter in all, to disassemble the engine to locate the breakdown. After repair, the motor must be reinstalled with the complete shutter and then it must be set again for a good closing and opening.

  • The failure is often due to an undersized capacitor, the latter has a low cost (<20 €) but it is the labor that is expensive. It will take between 1 and 2 hours of OM.
  • If the engine is irreparable, it will be necessary to replace it which will generate a more important tariff especially if your French window or window does not have a standard dimension. Count more than 250 € depending on the type of engine.

In summary

Here are some price ranges depending on the parts, labor being difficult to estimate. Rates also depend on the size of your shutter to repair.

Manual rolling shutterElectric shutter
6m strap and / or winderBetween 10 and 40 € + MO/
Blade (depending on the material)Between 5 and 50 € + MOBetween 5 and 50 € + MO
Complete apron 50 € + MO 50 € + MO
Complete engine/ 250 € + MO
Motor capacitor/ 20 € + MO

Recall: these indications are average prices and can not in any case be used for the negotiation of a quotation made by a professional who is best able to provide you with an adequate breakdown pricing.

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