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Real place of life and undeniable asset in case of resale of his house, the garden is a profitable investment, both on the short and the long term. Nevertheless, whether for its development or maintenance, intervention rates can go from single to double. Explanations.

Intervention rate of a landscaper

Intervention rate of a landscaper

How are the intervention rates of the landscaper fixed?

Each landscaper freely sets his prices, which differ according to whether his intervention concerns the garden layout or its maintenance.

Indeed, besides the cost of laborSeveral variables are considered in the context of landscaping, including:

  • Area and the nature of your land (bare or already developed, requiring slaughter for example);
  • The care of the design phase;
  • The nature of the work: realization with swimming pool, terrace, lighting, plantations, creation of paths, landscaping masonry, integrated watering...;
  • The choice of materials, materials and plants.

According to all these variables, the layout of your garden can therefore cost you thousands or tens of thousands of euros.

The price of maintaining the garden also depends on several factors, including the complexity of the maintenance to be done (mowing, pruning, watering, replacing plants...). The hourly rate of intervention is often of the order of 25 to 30 euros on average.

The price of the landscape seems surprisingly low or very high, what should I think?

First of all, in order to get a true idea of ​​the price of your gardening work, it is advisable to ask for several quotes.

If the price seems really too low, it should be find out more details on the professional side (does he have the right training, uses distinctive signs to guarantee the level of his services) and the quality of the materials, materials and plants he is considering for your garden on the other hand.

Conversely, if the price of the professional seems too high, it is important to be able to discuss with lui, because the quality of the service offered often justifies its price. The landscaper can also advise you alternative solutions within your budget.

Is there any financial aid for the intervention of a landscaper?

Unfortunately, there is no financial aid granted for the intervention of a landscape architect, with the exception of certain works which may be subject to reduced VAT, and some maintenance activities, called small gardening work, which can be eligible for a tax credit.

Again, the landscape will be better advice for you.

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