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For the pleasure of amateur and professional decorators, the bathroom sink comes in a variety of materials, colors and shapes. The prices are just as good. The proof.

Price of a bathroom sink

Price of a bathroom sink

A bathroom sink at all costs!

Finding your bathroom sink is not always easy as the offer is great as the price range. Different criteria can explain these variations:

  • Materials: concrete, ceramic, stainless steel, granite, marble, stone, porcelain, glass, resin
  • The dimensions: standard or made-to-measure,
  • The form and installation: to install, recessed, column, round, square, rectangular, angle, double basin
  • The color: white but also black, plum...

Here are some examples of prices observed on specialized sites:

Mini priceMax price
Countertop washbasin - standard size ceramic39€150€
in resin79€130€
Built-in washbasin - standard sizeceramic29€150€
Column washbasin - standard sizeceramic10€115€

The bathroom sink: from the entry level to the coveted object

The sink in your bathroom can become a centerpiece for its originality. Chosen in rare materials and made to measure for your interior, it can very quickly push up the bill.
However, it is also easy to find a bathroom sink at very affordable prices. Thus, many washbasins, most often white ceramic, are proposed entry-level under the mention "first price". On foot or recessed and standard format, they allow you to furnish your bathroom at low prices. This solution may be ideal for a rental apartment or a small water demand for example. It is also possible to find sinks shapes and in very current materials at prices that are still affordable.

In all cases the price of the sink can inevitably vary according to the place of purchase. Similarly, you may need to add any costs related to the installation and the faucets and also costs of decoration such as laying a coating for some washbasin to tiled. It is therefore necessary to compare offers to find the best solution for your needs, your habits and your budget. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional who will guide you to help you make the right choice.

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