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The chippings and their pretty gray hue give a wise and tidy look to any yard. Composed of a multitude of gravel plots, the gravel has a uniform rendering that seems simple to obtain. This apparent ease hides a professional job. Some chippings to stake your requests of estimate.

Rates and quotes for the gravelling of a yard

Rates and quotes for the gravelling of a yard

The main steps of the gravel

There is gravel and gravel, their size differs if you want a yard or not, the preparation of the ground is not the same either. This is not to disperse small pebbles hoping the stability of the coating. It must fight against weeds, face rain, snow and frost, support the weight of a car and resist the games of potential pets.

In this perspective, calling a professional is not superfluous. Here are the main points to know before proceeding to a quote request.

  • Gravel size.

For a non-passable yard, a sub-layer of coarse gravel and smaller, rounder gravel 7 or 8 mm in diameter should be placed. It takes about 1.5 cm in diameter for a drive yard.

  • Preparation of the ground.

Whether the yard is passable or not, it is to create a slight slope of 1 to 2% to promote the flow of rainwater. The ground must then be groomed to accommodate a geotextile. For a motorable yard, you must add a pothole structure to fill very large gravel.

  • borders

The ideal is to lay pavers of sandstone or shale that exceed the level of gravel by 3 to 4 cm in height. This is to prevent the chippings from scattering.

The elements to be included in the estimate and gravel rates.

As a result of the gravel process, the key items of an estimate are earthworks, finishes and the price of gravel depending on the size of the yard to be covered. To these elements is added the price of the delivery which varies according to the distance to be traveled.

Yes the price of a professional gravelling varies according to the regions and the size of the company solicited, the average price of gravel deemed to be very 40 and 50 € for 100 kg. Delivery, it costs more and oscillates between 50 and 100 €. It can be deduced that the m² of gravel revolves around 50 à 70€.

These are all reasons for setting up accurate and free quotes via the many specialized sites available on the Internet.

Average price
Gravel (100 kg)40 à 50€
Delivery50 à 100€
Average price per m² with delivery50 à 70€

To get a fair price, do not hesitate to ask for a quote for the gravel of your yard or garden path.

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