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Rates for the installation of an air conditioning system in a home vary according to several criteria including: the type of air conditioner, the type of integration planned, the installation constraints and the cost of intervention of the professional. Pricing estimate to follow in this article.

Installation of an air conditioning system, the rates of the professional

Any model of air conditioning not mentioned "ready to install", must be installed by a professional (especially true in the case of Multisplit systems). Air conditioning systems have complex equipment to apprehend, making it extremely difficult to install.

The intervention of the professional will necessarily have a cost: between 400 and 500 €. But using his skills is the assurance of a proper installation of the air conditioning system.

Installers to contact:

  • specialists: refrigeration specialist, climaticist.
  • the other competent professionals: electricians, heating engineers, plumbers.

To note: going through a professional allows you to benefit from a reduced VAT.

Installation rates depending on the type of air conditioner chosen

First and foremost, installation fees for an air conditioning system vary depending on the type of air conditioner.

ModelPower of the systemOverall price (material and installation)
Wall-mounted air conditioner MonosplitFrom 2 to 5 kWBetween 1200 € and 3500 €
Multisplit wall-mounted air conditionerFrom 3 to 4 indoor units of power up to 8 kWBetween 5000 € and 8000 €

For the " ready-to-install kits », It will be necessary to add to the purchase price of the device:

~ 150 € / m connection between the indoor unit of the system and the outdoor unit.

* Estimated non-contractual and indicative rates.

Total tariff estimate for the installation of air conditioning in a house

In addition to the variation of the costs according to the type of air conditioner chosen, the tariffs for the installation of such a device fluctuate according to the type of integration envisaged, and the installation constraints induced by the system and the house itself. even.

Example: simple installation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner or fixing front, do not induce the same difficulties of implementation.

Estimation of the cost of installing an air conditioner in a house
Minimum costEstimated average costMaximum cost
1000 €3500 €9000 €

* Rates are indicative and may vary depending on the estimate.

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