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The sewerage system, also known as the municipal sanitation network, refers to the system that makes it possible to recover wastewater and treat it in a treatment plant. While in the countryside, some homes are not yet connected, in large cities, all buildings are connected to the collective sewerage network. This connection has a cost and is subject to strict regulations.

Connection to the sewer: regulations

First of all, be aware that if your home has access to mains drainage, you are obliged to connect to it. And if no collective sanitation network has been set up, then you are forced to equip you with a septic tank to treat wastewater. Also know that, as long as your town is equipped with mains drainage, you have a maximum period of time 2 years to connect to it and you have to proceed to the decommissioning of your septic tank which consists in empty it and disinfect it. It is important that you follow these few rules at the risk of having to pay a fine.
In order to connect to the sewerage system, you will need to call a company to do the work. These are highly regulated and it is important to respect the standards to validate your connection. Sometimes your municipality may impose the choice of the company. Check with your town hall to know the different standards to be respected and what is the procedure for making the connection to the sewerage system.

How much does the connection cost to the sewer?

The mains drainage is a service proposed by your municipality to which you are obliged to adhere. Know that the connection to the sewerage network under your land and the decommissioning of your septic tank is entirely your responsibility. The price is quite variable and depends on the length of the connection to the sewage system, the housing department and also the nature of the land. It's important that you do make several quotes to compare prices and make the competition work.

Know that the costs generated by the connection are to be shared between the municipality and yourself. The individual pays the work necessary to bring the wastewater to the public road while the municipality takes charge of the work done on public roads. Some municipalities propose aid to finance connection works. You just have to get closer to your town hall and fill out a grant file. In some cases, the municipality may, through the sewer connection tax, ask to be reimbursed by the owners all or part of the expenses incurred by the work.

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