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You decided to hire a cleaning lady to finally say goodbye to household chores, ironing... To be in legality, rules relating to his remuneration are of course to be respected. The prices of a housekeeper at home in force in 2017 vary from SMIC to more than 25 euros depending on the tasks performed.

The particular employer of a housekeeper

In the case where you are directly the employer of your cleaning lady (or cleaning man), you are imperatively obliged for his salary scale SMIC. Indeed, your employee can not receive a remuneration below the social minimums.

If most of the time, the household tasks consist of the routine maintenance of the living rooms of the house as well as the care of the linen, other missions can be requested. For example, the preparation of meals, the supervision of the children of the family, the daily care of animals... In any case, it is still necessary to refer to the collective agreement. Indeed, your employee can provide specific salary arrangements, which you will have to apply!

Of course, the prices of a housekeeper at home depend on the services provided but also on the geographical area. Prices may vary from single to double. The minimum is the SMIC. The rates for cleaning staff in Paris and the inner suburbs are quite high, up to 25 euros.

Maid and service providers

Many home-based service businesses have emerged in recent years. Interest for the individual? Do not have to handle the various statements and the establishment of pay slips. It is also a guarantee for the employer, who is assured of having a real professional. In this case, the individual pays a sum to the service provider who then pays his employees.

Small problem: before signing an engagement with this kind of company, make sure you have the opportunity to modify the contract, for example, changing the number of hours of your cleaning lady.

How to pay your cleaning lady?

In any case, your household employee must be declared. The first step is to make a declaration to the URSSAF. As an individual employer, you have the option to apply for CESU checks (universal service employment check) to pay your employee. In this way, you will be entitled to a tax credit, which is not negligible.

It is your responsibility to draw up a pay slip each month to your housekeeper. You will easily find pre-printed documents that you will only have to fill out. If you have used a home-based service provider, it is with this company that you will have a commitment and it is to them that you will pay each month a sum of money.

Average rates of a housekeeper

provincesParisian region
PricesBetween 15 and 20 €Between 20 and 25 €

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