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Read an electromagnetic electricity meter

Your electricity meter records and measures the consumption of your home. In France, there are two distinct models, electromagnetic energy meters, commonly called disc counters, and electronic meters. As a precaution it is very useful to know how to decipher the indications indicated on your meter.

The nature of the current The nature of the current is written under the disk, in the lower part of the dial. On our meter, it is single phase two wires. The power supply is made by two wires.

The unit of measurement The unit of measurement, kilowatt-hour, is indicated on a small black plate, in the upper part of the dial.

The voltage of the current.

The voltage of the current, 220 volts is indicated in the lower part of the dial, under the disk.

Current intensity.

Indicated in amperes, the intensity of the current (here from 20 to 60 amperes) is noted near the voltage, at the bottom of the dial.

The consumption.

Your consumption is indicated by the five digits of the meter at the top of the dial.
The number of watt-hours consumed for one turn of the disc is indicated in the right-hand corner at the bottom of the dial. On our meter we consume 3.6 watts per hour.

Read an electromagnetic electricity meter: electromagnetic

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