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Does your company contribute to a collector 1% housing? This may entitle you to the "housing action" loan.

Essentials on the loan "housing action"

The interest rate on the housing loan is very low. This loan can last 20 years maximumbut there is no minimum limit as to its duration. The housing equity loan can be supplemented by other home loans.

This mortgage is intended for company employees with 10 or more employeesas well as young retirees (5 years maximum). It is granted under means conditions. To obtain a "housing action" loan, you must be a first-time buyer (as for the zero-rate loan) or be subject to professional mobility.

Exclusively dedicated to finance a principal residence, the loan "action housing" concerns a housing to be built, or the purchase in new or old. In all cases, this loan does not cover the work. The housing must comply with the thermal regulations in force. Old dwellings must have a minimum energy label D.

The maximum amount you can borrow with the housing equity loan depends on the total cost of your accommodation (30% maximum). In parallel, it is necessary to respect a ceiling which varies according to your geographical zone. You can however benefit from an amount higher than these ceilings under conditions.

Who gives a loan "housing action"?

This is not your bank that intervenes in the context of a loan "housing action", but a collector 1% housing. Your company is your intermediary between you and the collector organization under the "housing action" loan. That is why you must apply for a loan from your employer.

As for any mortgage, the demand for a loan "housing action" can be accepted or refused. For more information, turn to the collector 1% housing in contact with your company.

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