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In order to save valuable time and facilitate your steps, it is recommended to prepare in advance your application for a mortgage. Find in this article the list of supporting documents that you will need to provide to your bank.

Mortgages: the vouchers to provide to your bank

Mortgages: the vouchers to provide to your bank

The main supporting documents of your mortgage file

Most banks will ask you for the same documents to build your mortgage application, starting with:

  • an ID;
  • a proof of address of less than 3 months;
  • your last 2 tax notices;
  • your last 3 payslips;
  • your last 3 statements of account;
  • the sales agreement.

Our advice: bring both the originals and copies of these documents to your banker.

To note: the more complete the file is, the more likely you are to quickly get an answer adapted to your project.

Bank loan and vouchers for your real estate project

Documents for the acquisition of real estate

If you have already signed the sales agreement with the seller of the property, you will have to send it to your banker.

Supporting documents in case of works or construction

  • The coordinates of your notary.
  • The sale agreement of the land (for a building).
  • The title of the property (in case of works).

Make a list of the work that needs to be done and complete your quote requests with several contractors. You will be able to establish your work budget and present these quotes to your banker.

Justify your income for a home loan

In order for your banker to assess your borrowing capacity, you will have to justify your income. As seen previously, you will have to present him your latest notices of taxation and payslips.

To noteIf you are not an employee, have an accounting certificate for the past quarter.

If you have a real estate or financial heritage, you will have to include in your loan file:

  • your ISF declaration;
  • your title (s) of ownership;
  • your last statements of account;
  • a statement of securities accounts;
  • a statement of savings accounts;
  • a life insurance policy statement.

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