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Upon entering a dwelling and then leaving, a tenant must realize, with the owner of said housing, what is called an inventory. This document usually accompanies the signing of the lease contract, and is followed by the handing over of the keys. Return on the realization of the inventory of fixtures.

Realization of an inventory

Realization of an inventory

What is an inventory?

The inventory of fixtures is above all a visit a real estate rented, once rented, by the owner and his new tenant. It is also the name given to the document made during this visit. The state of play written is a document made obligatory since the law of July 1989. It must be achieved by mutual agreement and in good conditions between the owner and the tenant of the said property, in two copies.
It serves, as the name suggests, to specify the condition of the property rented at the entrance to the housing and the exit of the tenant. It must therefore be carried out in an empty dwelling (in case of bare renting) before depositing the new tenant's business. The inventory must accurately describe the condition of the dwelling, room by room, and the condition of the equipment made available to the tenant.
At the exit of the tenant, the two documents made are compared. With this comparison, the owner decides what repairs must be done by the tenant, and those borne by the landlord.
To note: the tenant has a month after heating to challenge the state of the heating.

What to do in case of absence of inventory?

If no inventory has been made at the entrance to the dwelling, the tenant is supposed to have received a housing in good repair condition. This situation is unfortunately not favorable for the tenant since, in this case, he must return at the end of his contract a housing in as good condition of rental repair.

What to do in case of litigation?

In case of disagreement or dispute between the owner and the tenant following a contestation of the inventory, the dispute may be brought by the tenant or by the owner before the departmental conciliation commission. If unfortunately the conciliation does not succeed, the tenant or the owner will have to seize the court of jurisdiction on which the dwelling depends.

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