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The Aztec motif is part of the ethnic trend very fashionable at the moment. By small touches, it gives an air of exoticism to our interiors. Here are some basic principles for a successful Aztec decor.

The Aztec motif in decoration

The Aztec motif in decoration

The principles of the Aztec style

The ethnic decoration is very trendy and the Aztec motif is one of them. This style corresponds well to the quest for exoticism and originality in contemporary interiors. The geometric design is both timeless and modern. The Aztec decoration is generally made of triangles, squares, lines and graphic designs. He often recalls the architecture of the pyramids and Inca temples. The shapes are regular, repetitive and follow each other in an orderly fashion.

Side tints, there are two schools. Either black and white, very sober colors to contrast with atypical forms. Natural colors, warm and bright to stay in an ethnic spirit. In this case, we find orange, brown, ocher... perfect colors to highlight and highlight the geometric shapes.

Where and how to play with Aztec motifs?

Watch out for the overall look, especially with the Aztec pattern. This type of design should only be used in small keys. It makes very good in a living room or in a room. However, we avoid the Aztec wallpaper. Already, it is quite rare that a sign offers. If you're lucky enough to find one, do not go beyond a wall.

The Aztec motif is better perceived on fabrics, curtains, window blinds or covers, always avoiding overloading, of course. On the other hand in a kitchen or a bathroom, it is more delicate. We can agree some Aztec tilesbut we will act sparingly. It will also make a choice on the type of color: or it is black and white or we opt for the colors, but we avoid the mixture of both.

Examples of Aztec decor

To print a successful Aztec atmosphere, it is important to arrange the various elements harmoniously. A carpet with aztec motifs naturally finds its place in the middle of the living room. He participates in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The cushions are a must. You can play with colors and geometric shapes on the sofa or on a bed. They give pep's and a cocooning effect to coins. A plaid with aztec motifs, carelessly thrown on a chair or a meridian will be perfect. One can even consider curtains of the same style in a room for example.

of the stickers on the facade of a piece of furniture or on a piece of wall is an original Aztec decoration. More classically, paintings, throws of beds, runners... are keys adapted to this pre-Columbian style.

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