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In order to benefit from the tax credit to replace windows and shutters, how to be sure that a company is EGR? Is the tax credit based on VAT (5.5 or 10%)? For roller shutters, we offer a motorization Franciasoft radio with a transmitter. Is it as reliable as the Somfy engine?

Replacing windows and shutters involves contacting a qualified carpentry company. The fact that it is RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment) does not mean that it is better than others, but it is a unavoidable condition for obtaining a tax credit. If she is really EGR, she must be able to prove it through a document certifying itwhose validity is 4 years. Also check that the company does not take advantage of the tax credit to increase its prices, a situation unfortunately quite common. So make sure at least 3 quotes to compare prices.

It must be remembered that obtaining a tax credit is linked to the performance of the windows selected. Check with the company to make sure the windows are eligible for the tax credit. In any case, these improvement works are eligible for VAT at 5.5%, which is unrelated to eligibility for a tax credit.

Regarding the motorization, the two brands that you quote are reliable.

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