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I would like to recess spots on the ceiling of a corridor (long 6m). What do you recommend? Halogen, low voltage with transformer? Above the ceiling, there are non-convertible attics, insulated by glass wool. Should we call on a professional?

Regarding electrical work it is always better to call a professional if you have doubts about your ability to perform this kind of work. Respect the safety standards for the choice of these conductors as for the installation of junction boxes.

The recessed spotlights are almost all powered by 220 / 230V, the installation of very low voltage spots often posing problems of overheating of the transformer, which must, therefore, never be placed in the false ceiling. The rules of installation are simple: a vacuum of 100 mm must be created above the spot, and laterally with respect to a wall. The spots must be spaced at least 200 mm apart.

Then you just need to know how to handle a hole saw and be a good handyman. You can take inspiration from our sheet dealing with the subject on the site: SPOT ORIENTABLE RECESSED IN A CEILING

You may be quicker to put two sets of CABLE SPOTS, solution that requires no electrical work since they can be clad on a single plug.

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